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Tips on how to play fruities

  • Posted by saraan
  • June 15th, 2018


Fruit Machines are most probably the first casino games to catch your eye as soon as you get into the casino. They look pretty much like slot machines but aren’t the same thing though. Fruit Machines using the most basic setup come with three reels of pictures while newer machines will have as many as five picture reels. With such a machine you have up to 20 ways to get a matching line when your spin. A line with matching symbols is known as a pay line.


For the savvy player, Fruit Machines can be cash cows. That’s because the best players know how the machines work and can anticipate with remarkable accuracy when a machine is about to pay up. Beating the machines is not easy but with enough gaming time and the right strategy, you can also win playing fruity machines.


The machines pay in cycles


You probably know that such machines pay in cycles. What you might not know is that you can time these cycles and know just when to place your big money bet. Game cycles for such machines could go for hundreds of games or hundreds of thousands of games. It all depends on the game designer. Land-based casinos often have low payout percentages of about 72% whereas the online version can have a payout percentage of 94% or above.


Some tips you will need to win


The element of chance may be the exciting part about games of this kind, but nothing is more exciting than the feeling of winning. First off you have to know how to use the old’ and udge’ buttons on machines that have them. The old’ button allows you to keep two rows of matched fruit as a third row keeps spinning to increase your chances of getting a matching row. The udge’ button moves reels up or down so that you have a matching row.



When is a Fruit Machine about to payout?


Every machine has tell-tale signs that it is about to pay up. One of the most common signs for a land-based machine is known as “backing,” which is when the payout hopper is full and the coin inserted falls to the bottom of the machine into the cash bucket. It is an indicator that the machine is about to pay up after a long run of losses.


While it may prove to be one of the most valuable tricks for a player on land-based casinos, this move does nothing for the online player. However, they too can enjoy the same advantage by checking what is known as the Jackpot Thermometer. This alerts players on machines that have paid up recently and those which haven’t. That way you can avoid an online Fruit Machine that won’t pay you soon.


The simple tips above can help you enjoy your time beating the machines. However, the most important piece of advice you could probably get before you start wagering is not to chase your losses. Always know when to stop.

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